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Year 5

More on Summer Term 2021

Last week was Social Justice week - a new RE topic which followed on beautifully from our learning about the Ten Commandments and Beatitudes in our previous topics.  Both classes created a new social charter of reminders of how to live in love and peace; posters promoting the great organisation of Mary's Meals; presentations about inspirational young people; and learned poems supporting a fair and just world for all.  Well done!

5Y and 5S also spent some time learning about the geography of Finland - its land and its people this was for Geography day as well as Olympic Week.  We did this in support of their Euro football team and their Finnish team off to Toyko, Japan come July for the Summer Olympics.  The children learned some fun facts, read maps, learned new words and interesting habits.  Try asking them to tell you something about Finland - you might just be surprised!

The children have been working hard in their English, Maths, Science, History and Geography subjects as well.  They have written endings to traditional tales and read stories from other cultures.  They even wrote a set of instructions on how to make a Canopic jar.  They have finished learning about life cycles and have now begun to understand what times were like in the ancient times of Egypt.  They continue to improve their swimming and drumming too.  Keep up the great effort!  

We even managed a picnic celebrating the Queen's Birthday.  Don't forget to check out these photographs as well as others which include our special events and work!

Well done to both 5Y and 5S for their splendid assemblies now completed and uploaded here for your viewing.  The two classes interpretations of their topics (Transformation for 5Y; Freedom and Responsibility for 5S) were well explained.  They sang and acted their way through showing what they have been working on in RE over the past two months and included some fantastic RE artwork.  Congratulations on a fabulous job!  


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May 2021:

It is Summer term and Year 5 have been busy. 

Children in both classes produced a colourful and creative display for RE.  In a pop art style, words celebrating the resurrection of Jesus leap off the RE wall, much like Andy Warhol and Sister Mary Corita Kent's words did years ago.  Then, inspired by stories read about transformation and the Holy Spirit, the year created art displaying the power of the Holy Spirit and his gifts. 

Keeping active, 5Y and 5S began swimming on Mondays this term.  They impressed their teachers at the pool with their attitude and effort after such a long lay off.  Well done!

In all other subjects, the classes are working hard and making progress.  We are pleased that the children continue to challenge themselves and put effort into their work.  Well done and keep it up!  :)  



March 2021:

The last two weeks of Spring 2 for Year 5 were incredibly busy and flew by.  Children took part in St Patrick's Day dressing up in green, Red Nose Day - using their tennis skills to shine and performed a beautiful Easter Liturgy in The Garden of Gethsemane to celebrate the Holy Week.  Two different Easter cards were made - one for our friends at the care homes and one for their families.  Both classes did well to complete their lessons, finish the term and are more than ready for a break.  

Miss Spicer and Mrs Young would like to wish all a very happy and safe break and a lovely Easter.  

The first two weeks have been very eventful for Year 5!

During the first week of March, whether in school or at home, the children took part in lots of activities celebrating Book Week at OLOV.  The children were asked to get creative with their book reviews and that they did!  Some children created films of favourite scenes or interviewed characters from their book.  They shared pictures and videos of the family reading together.  Costumes of favourite characters were worn on Thursday and children took photos of themselves reading in unusual places.  It was a great week and a perfect ending to remote learning.

Miss Spicer and Mrs Young welcomed all the children back to school on Monday 8th March with big smiles.  The children had a terrific week catching up with their friends and reviewing concepts taught while they were at home.  Time was given for art, PE and music with Miss Bruce in the afternoons.  The children read a lot - recapping their new class text (My Friend Walter), as well as their own reading books - and they read really well!  Both classes ended the week dressed as scientists and celebrated finding the answers to questions as only scientists do.  What a fab way to start the return to school!  

Don't forget to check out the gallery for Year 5 - there are lots of pictures of what we have been up to!

Spring 2021:

Today year 5 celebrated Mardi Gras with the school.  Children in school and at home created masks, hats, musical instruments, learned a dance and celebrated Mardi Gras.  They learned about the traditions and held their own festival at registration.  Children even shared their own traditions to celebrate this time before Lent.  It was also a day to have fun and recognise their effort and work, as Friday 12th February marks the end of the first half-term of Spring.

Children in both classes should feel quite proud of their accomplishments and all that they have learned.  

In English, the children finished reading their very exciting class text, Stormbreaker.  They loved the fast pace action in the book and completed their write, trying their best to copy Anthony Horowitz’s style, including lots of figurative language, imagery and varying sentence lengths to change the speed of the action.  The classes also wrote diaries and convincing persuasive letters earlier in the term.

The children built on their knowledge of what a number is by looking closely at equivalences, scaling, and taking fractions or percentages of an amount.  They can convert between decimals, fractions and percentages as well as changing improper fractions to mixed numbers and back again.  They continue to strengthen their calculating skills too.

The topic of Mission dominated most of the half term in RE.  It saw the children explore their mission within the Catholic faith.  They learned how Jesus’ mission began and how truly amazing it is that thousands of years later, people still follow His teachings.  Children also learned the names of some outstanding individuals who are role models and peacemakers for us all. 

Science was an exciting topic too, exploring the changes of properties in materials and what you can do with them.  Filters were designed and even made to clean water using natural materials.  Children tested whether some materials could be changed and investigated the changes – were they reversible or irreversible. 

This linked quite well with the DT project this half term too – making pizza.  The children enjoyed learning about nutrition, designing a pizza, making pizzas and evaluating their efforts.  Miss Spicer and Mrs Young thought they all looked delicious!  Fine chefs in the making!

All in all, the children had a positive attitude and approach to their learning during the past six weeks, and Miss Spicer, Mrs Young and the rest of the team Year 5 wish the children and their families a happy break.  Keep safe and well.


January 2021:

Year 5 welcomed 2021 in with a great start!  The children have done well to cope with the challenges of the new year and all it has to bring.  Learning new topics has begun whether in school or at home and in all subjects, with both teachers being incredibly pleased with the effort their classes are putting in.  Well done!


December Update:

As Autumn term comes to an end, the children have been busy sharpening their skills in all subjects and celebrating their ability to do so!

Children in both classes have finished reading an exciting adaptation of The War of the Worlds by HG Wells and are in the midst of writing their own ending to this sensational Sci Fi story.  This linked with our Science focus of What's Out There? and What is Gravity?  Mesmorising Science projects were made about the Solar System and theories tested in fun investigations involving forces.  In Maths, children have conquered mental calculations in all four operations and have worked hard to improve their times tables!  For our RE topic of Hope, children have learned more about the prophecies told from long ago and how we still wait in hope for Jesus to come.  Songs have been sung and an OLOV version of volleyball has been played.  Both classes have really worked hard and should be proud of their accomplishments!

During our time of Advent, children have been preparing, reflecting and waiting.  Excitement continues to build with both classes enjoying planned Christmas fun.

Miss Spicer and Mrs Young wish all the families and friends of 5S and 5Y a Happy Christmas and a 2021 filled with good health and good cheer for all.


October Update:

Don't forget to check out the Year 5 Gallery to see what 5S and 5Y have been up to!  The children have been busy being creative during the Autumn 1:  acting, writing and painting.   There is a selection of David Hockney like paintings, some freeze frames of Holy people and examples of poetry.  Take a look!


Welcome to Year 5!

It has been a lovely start to a new school year.  Year 5 have returned to school with smiles, positive attitudes and enthusiasm – ready to learn!  The children have already settled in well to the new routines and procedures asked of them and we could not be more pleased.  Well done!

During this term, there will be lots of interesting topics to cover:

     In RE, the children will look at ‘Ourselves’ and how we are made in the image of God.

     In English, the children will read an adaptation of Macbeth and focus on writing good quality sentences using expanded nouns and relative clauses.

     In Maths, the children will examine numbers – their value and importance in our daily lives.

     In History and Geography, the children will take a close look at Henry VIII, his impact on religion and where these changes took place (not too far from Greenford). 

     In Art, the children are well on their way to creating their own version of a David Hockney landscape – we can’t wait to see their final pieces!

     Finally, in Music, the children will begin to learn how to play a djembe during African drumming. 

Miss Spicer and Mrs Young would encourage the children to continue their wonderful start by continuing to listen well, read as much as they can and always do their best!  It should be a fabulous year!