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Year 5

Autumn 2

Trees for Cities

Year 5 took part in planting trees in our school playground and in Marnham Field, just down the road.   It was a rewarding time for all and such a delight to see the classes come together to make a positive difference in the world by:   creating a home for living creatures; more oxygen for humans to breathe; shade needed for hot weather and roots to soak up any flooding due to extreme weather.  It was a great time and made so special to be able to help fulfil God's mission to love, be loved and make the world a better place.

Children In Need

Year 5 recently united for a heartwarming Children in Need celebration, donning colourful pyjamas and generously contributing £1 each to the cause. This collective effort showcased the students' compassion and commitment to making a positive impact. The funds raised will support initiatives to improve the lives of less fortunate children. The event not only highlighted the school's nurturing environment but also demonstrated the power of unity and compassion within Year 5.


Year 5 has had a wonderful start to Autumn 2!

The trip to the London Science Museum sparked their interest in our topic:  "What's out there?"  They had lots of fun exploring the Space Exhibition, watching the 3-D film - The Beautiful Planet and testing out different types of forces in the WonderLab.


Autumn 1

A very warm welcome to Year 5! We have made a fantastic start to the new academic year after our summer break. The children have settled in very well, and they are already enjoying their new topics for the Autumn term. Our class text at the moment is William Shakespeare's Macbeth, which we are very captivated by!

Please find a list of recommended reading books that link to our History/Geography topic on the Reformation and Henry VIII this half term: