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Year 5

Spring 2

Year 5 has embraced the new topics begun this half term!

In English, children are enjoying Michael Morpurgo's Mr Friend Walter and have already impressed their teachers with their own interpretations of his writing and great expression when reading the highly recommended book.

The year group enthusiastically took part in a variety of activities during book week and topped it off with dressing up as their favourite characters on World Book Day - 5th March 2020!  It was a great celebration of a love of reading!

In Maths, angles, shapes and coordinates have been welcomed as a change from a focus on number.  'I could do this every lesson,' one child was recently heard to say in Mrs Young's class.

While in RE, it is a time of reflection, remembering Jesus' sacrifice for us and the memorials put in place so we do not forget this momentous act of love.

The children have also been thinking quite seriously about their new topic in Humanities - Does the punishment fit the crime?  It is so good to see them so engaged in their learning and asking quite thoughtful questions.

Spring 1

The new year had brought a new teacher (Miss Spicer) to year 5 as well as new books and new topics for the children to learn and enjoy.

In English, each day the classes read about the adventure Alex Rider is on in search of what happened to his uncle.  They have identified the features included in modern fiction and are applying their knowledge and using their skills to perhaps become the next Anthony Horowitz.  

In Maths, the children are tackling the sometimes tricky subject of fractions, decimals and percentages and managing quite nicely to grasp the concepts.

In RE, the classes continue to learn about Jesus and his mission.  They have learned that they too have a mission and are actively trying to fulfil it.

As the half term approaches, we hope the children continue to work hard, focus on meeting their targets and keep following in Jesus' footsteps.

Autumn 2!

After a well-deserved half-term break the children returned to school ready to work!

Year 5 begun their last topic in RE before the Christmas break, this one is appropriately called ‘Hope’ and focuses on Advent, a time to reflect and prepare.  They are currently creating displays for our class as well as contributing to a school Nativity scene for the Hall.

In English and Science, the topics both focus on What’s Out There?  The children have researched space and are busy writing paragraphs for a class non-fiction book about the Solar System.  They also brought in some amazing projects about what they discovered at home.  The class has been enjoying reading an adaptation from HG Wells’ The War of the Worlds and will begin to write their own versions of a Sci Fi story shortly. 

In Maths, the children are becoming more confident with their calculations whether mental or written.  They have put much effort into learning their times tables and applying their skills to real life problems (well done!).  Their mental skills were put to the test at the London Science Museum’s gift shop with success results!

Year 5 had a fun and educational day out in early November there and very much enjoyed the space gallery, IMAX film about the Earth and Beyond as well as the Wonderlab.  This was not the only trip they took, as each class visited a local care home and spent time with the residents chatting.  Both days were rewarding for all involved!

Finally, the children are getting ready for their first African drumming concert on 5th December.  We hope to see you then!  😊

Mrs Young


Welcome Year 5 2019-2020!

We have lots of exciting things to look forward to this Autumn term:  African drumming begins; there is the Brownlee Triathlon in late September and the class will  investigate the Earth and beyond at the Science Museum in early November.

We will be looking at 'Ourselves' in RE, as well as exploring the palaces in our local area, reading the story of Macbeth and playing with numbers to help us understand their value and importance in our daily lives.

There will be lots more to learn in year 5 - we have only just begun.  I am happy to say the class is off to a great start!


Mrs Young