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Year 3

Spring 1

Happy New Year from all of us in Year 3. We have come back after Christmas ready to learn and excited about our journey through History from the Stone Age, through the Bronze Age and into the Iron Age. We are finding it really interesting discovering how metal changed the way our ancestors lived. We have a brilliant shared text in English called The Stolen Spear set in the Bronze Age which draws together our writing and grammar activities through our History topic

We are so fortunate to have been visited by a money awareness charity called MyBNK who are delivering 3 workshops over 6 weeks teaching us about the importance of saving and spending money. We are now aware of what delayed gratification means - the example we were given was..."would you like 1 sweet now or 2 sweets tomorrow?" this then moved us on to thinking about how we spend our money -  on daily little worthless things or saving for something really special and long-lasting. Our trainer Andy is so funny - he makes it really memorable!


What an exciting start we have had to this half term. Just before the holidays, we made shell impressions which we filled with plasterof paris to recreate tjhe formation of a fossil. We have now pretended to be palaeontologists and used tools to chip and brush away the clay to reaveal our perfect shell fossils.

Through our topic lessons, we are learning about the Stone Age and have been researching at home making some fantastic projects which we are now bringing in to school. We have looked at cave art and recreated our own cave paintings, hunted and gathered food and will be creating a stone age meal and stewing fruit just as the early sone age people ate.

We have had a fantastic day out at the Natural History Museum tying both half term topics together, participating in a volcanoes and earthquakes workshop, studying fossils and rocks and looking at prehistoric creatures.


We have had a great first half term settling into the juniors.

Do you know what makes the Earth Angry? Well now we do as we have had lots of fun learning about Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We have looked at how our planet is structured and what causes these catastrophic events. Towards the end of the topic we made model volcanoes which we 'erupted' in the quiet area using a vinegar and bicarbonate of soda reaction.

In English, we have started reading the book 'Sig of the Dump' by Clive King. We are really enjoying the story and the challenge of the vocabulary we are reading. In the second chapter, Barney meets Stig who lives in a rubbish dump. We used our imaginations to create an invention using broken items which were no longer use to people in the 21st century but really useful to a stone-age man living in a pit.

In maths we have been learning about the value of numbers. Don't be suprised if you get challenged to give us the biggest number you can think of and we'll instantly be able to tell you if it is odd or even!