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Year 2

Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 2

The children have settled in really well to Year 2, and they are very positive about their learning.

Our topic this half-term in History is The Great Fire of London. Our 'Big Question' is, 'Did the Great Fire make London a better or worse place to live?' We will be sourcing relevant materials to help our enquiries, into this historical event. The children will also have the opportunity to bring this event alive by dressing up and role-playing in our planned workshop.

Through our curriculum links the children will have opportunities to write diary entries (like Samuel Pepys), write newspaper reports on this event and through our art curriculum recreate paintings depicting a night  time scene of the fire, over London.

We will create galleries of their work in the 'Year 2 Gallery' displaying the amazing talent in our year group.


Summer 2022

Summer 2

Northola Fields.

Year 2 had an amazing experience on our school trip to Northola Fields. The children were able to climb one of the hills to experience a remarkable view across the City of London. Linked to our science topic the children were also able to observe animals in their natural habitats.

Check out the wonderful pictures taken from the day in our class gallery.

Humans, animals and their Habitats.

In science, we have begun our topic by looking at habitats in our school play area, pond area and school field. They observed what and where the habitat was i.e plants, trees, flowers, water and what animals lived there. The children are looking forward to investigating the habitats surroundings and why they are beneficial to the animals and mini-beasts that live there. 

They are looking forward to our visit to Northala Fields where they will be able to explore a wider variety of habitats in their local area. This will encourage them to discuss the different needs of different habitats.

Summer 1

We ended this half-term celebrating the 70 years our Queen has reigned. We had an amazing picnic  outside in glorious weather. In our gallery you can look at the pictures taken on the day. 

What a super start to the summer term. The weather has been beautiful. 


The children will be investigating the conditions that plants need to grow and live.  They will be growing a variety of plants from seed and exploring how to look after them to keep them healthy. As they grow the children will record the changes they observe.

The children will also learn about the life cycle of plants, in particular broad bean, sunflower and gladioli varieties.

We will post the pictures of the plants as they grow from seedlings into healthy plants. 


The Caribbean

In geography the children will be comparing the Caribbean to the United Kingdom. We will be looking at locations, climate, land features and culture. They will use maps, keys, compass points to locate the geographical features on the map. 

Spring 2

The Mozartists

Year 2 were privileged to work with 'The Mozartists' this half-term. Through the workshop with their period-instrument musicians, children and their teachers learnt about Mozart’s music, devised their own plots and texts and composed their own music and performed their finished operas.

Please check out the pictures in the Year 2 Gallery.

Author visit

It was wonderful to welcome an ex-pupil to the school who had written a children's book and  share it with the children.

He explained why he had written the book, how long it had taken him to write it and what inspired him. The children were really excited to know he had once attended the school and now was an author ready to begin writing his second book.


Spring 1

This term we have been learning all about important women in our history topic on Florence Nightingale. We found out about the way she changed nursing forever and made hospitals a much safer place for her patients.

Whilst on our visit to Gunnersbury Museum we got to travel back in time and meet Florence to ask her questions about how she helped the soldiers at Scutari Hospital during the Crimean war. We also dressed up as important people in Florence’s life and role-played working with her in the hospital. Our class Novel, ‘Vlad and The Florence Nightingale Adventure’ gave us lots of information about Florence’s work to improve the conditions in the hospital for the poor soldiers.

In our class art topic we have looked at one of the most important artists of the 20th Century, Pablo Picasso. We made some abstract portraits of our own using the Cubist style that developed.

In our PE. Lessons this term we have been exploring team work and using encouragement with our partners. We have enjoyed developing a wide range of ball skills such as, aiming, throwing, catching, bouncing and passing.

Autumn 2

As part of  COP26, Year 2 visited the Greenford Post Office to investigate  climate friendly materials being used by a company. We also considered ways in which we could be more climate friendly.

These were: recycling and using our valuable materials so that we do not waste paper, over use plastic which could be harmful to our planet.

We discovered that plastics damage the sea life as it does not break down, paper requires trees to be cut down and forests to be destroyed.



Remembrance Day

Tuesday 9th November, Year 2 performed our Remembrance Day Assembly to KS2. This was to promote our charity fundraiser for the British Legion. On Thursday the 11th we listened to the Last Post being sounded to begin our minute silence. The trumpeter then sounded the 'Rouse' to mark the end of the minutes silence.

Autumn 1

The ‘Great Fire of 1666’ History Workshop.

On Monday, Year 2 took part in a workshop about ‘The Great Fire of London’. It was great fun to travel back in time and experience the story of how the fire happened and where it started.

The children role played trades folk from 1666 such as: blacksmith, candle maker, baker and a soap maker who all used fire in their businesses’. Any one of these trades could have been the cause of the inferno; as they all used fires in their wooden houses.

Children took the parts of the fire, wind and baker’s family to understand how it was possible for the family to escape as the fire took hold.

Welcome Year 2

We have had a brilliant start to Year 2 where we have been learning lots of new things. 

We are looking at a very important question in our topic work on The Great Fire of London.

"Did the Great Fire help to improve London today?"

Our Class Novel 'Vlad and the Great Fire of London' has been informing the children all about what life was like for Londoners at the time in 1666. The children have been researching facts about the fire and where, when and how it started. The children will be writing diaries influenced by Samuel Pepy's writing.

In English, the children have learnt traditional rhymes and songs related to this topic. They have enjoyed themselves, and they are continuing to have a range of history experiences through this next half-term.

In maths, the children have been investigating place value and partitioning. They are deepening their maths understanding in these areas and making links by applying it to real life situations.

We are looking forward to creating our own London Cityscapes using a range of techniques taking inspiration from the work of artists; Ken Done and Claud Monet.

We will be uploading artwork by the children as it is completed, in the Gallery section.