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Year 1

Autumn 1

Wow, what an amazing start to the year we have all had. We have started to settle into life as year 1 children, and we are really enjoying all the different subjects in our timetable. We are all trying our hardest to sit at our tables when we are doing our work, and we are all trying to put our hands up to answer a question. We are being encouraged to answer questions using full sentences, and we like to remember our manners too. 


Religious Education

To start our half-term, we will be learning all about our own families and God’s family. We enjoyed sharing our family photos, it is nice to have them up, as all together they form a very meaningful display.  

In our next topic, ‘Belonging’, we will be learning all about what it means to belong to the church community. Throughout this topic we will start to look at the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.



This year we are learning our English skills through our topic. This term our topics are ‘All about me’ and ‘Seasons’. We enjoyed finding out lots of information about each other and about the teacher’s as well. We have just started `Autumn` and enjoyed walking through the school grounds finding signs of Autumn and collecting many coloured leaves. We are all focusing on remembering our full stops and capital letters.



This half-term, we have revised lots of our learning from Reception, we are all really confident with Phase 2 phonics, but some of us need a little more time to become confident with Phase 3. The majority of us have started to look at the sounds in Phase 5. We are enjoying learning the Jolly Phonic songs each day.



Throughout this half-term we are learning all about Numerical Reasoning, this means we will be learning about place value through exploring, clarifying and applying everything we have learnt when we use the resources in our practical lessons to strengthen our understanding of number.