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Religious Education

Our Lady of the Visitation Catholic Primary School is located in the Diocese of Westminster in the Parish of Greenford.

As a Catholic School Religious Education is central to everything that we do. Our Catholic faith influences all aspects of school life which strives to follow the Gospel values of love, justice, forgiveness, compassion and concern for others.

We work with parents to educate children in the Christian way of life and to create a community of faith in which worship within the Roman Catholic tradition is appropriate, possible and wholly acceptable.  As part of the Catholic education offered at Our Lady of the Visitation we teach children to:

  • be able to participate actively in liturgy
  • be able and willing to pray
  • be able to rely on a distinctive morality
  • have a thoughtful understanding of scripture
  • have a thoughtful understanding of church teaching
  • have experienced being part of a church community
  • be able and willing to translate faith into Christian action
  • understand themselves in relation to others and to God

10% of curriculum time is given to the teaching of Religious Education. The taught curriculum covers the expectations of the Curriculum Directory and is designed to deepen every child’s understanding of their Catholic Faith and how, living out that faith, will lead to a happy and fulfilled life. It is taught through the Come and See scheme of work which is adapted and supplemented to give a range of knowledge and experience. Scripture is taught from a range of sources.