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Friday 24th November 2023

The children really enjoyed travelling on a train around India. They learnt all about Indian culture from traditional dress, food and celebrations. The children really enjoyed learning about Tuk-Tuks, which is a means of transport used in India. They also liked the Indian buses, as they are decorated with flower garlands. We wonder where we will be travelling next and what means of transport.

Our story this week was 'Engines, Engines', an Indian counting Rhyme.

This week the children also learnt about being welcomed into God's family through Baptism. Why don't you discuss your child's baptism with them and share photos of the special occasion.

Over the next couple of weeks, the children will be learning songs for their Nursery Nativity play which will be on Wednesday 6th December.

Caterpillars and full-time children - 11am
Ladybirds and full -time children -2.30pm

There is limited space in the nursery, so only 2 members of each family are welcome to come and watch. Please make sure you have given your ticket order to the office.


Friday 17th November 2023

What an exciting week we had in Nursery. The children became Airport staff and experienced check in, passport control and flying on a plane. This week we travelled to Poland and the capital city Warsaw. The children really enjoyed comparing the Warsaw buses to London buses. The children are very excited to see where they travel to next week and on what means of transport.

Our focus stories 'Suzie goes on an aeroplane' by Charlotte Olson helped really engage the children this week.

We also helped raise money for Children in Need by coming to the nursery in our Pyjamas and donating money in a Pudsey Bear Bucket.  We did lots of fun activities throughout the day. Please see our Photo Gallery.

Friday 10th November 2023

Wow, what an amazing week we have had in the Nursery. Firstly all the children returned after the holidays with a big smile, which made the Nursery Team very happy. The children quickly settled back into the Nursery routine and were excited to learn that our new topic was 'Transport Around the World'. The topic started off our journey around the world in England, where the children learnt that this is the country they live in and that the capital city is London. The children enjoyed travelling on a Red Bus all around London this week, seeing and learning all about Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, where King Charles works and lives.

Our focus story 'Naughty Bus' by Jan and Jerry Oke really engrossed the children this week. They even learnt the song.

We will continue counting objects using 1:1 correspondence.
BOOK BAGS will be sent home on MONDAY. The BOOK BAGS with the BOOK INSIDE need to be brought back on THURSDAY, for us to be able to send new books out on the following MONDAY.

Children are invited to wear their pyjamas to school on Friday 19th November 2021. There is an optional donation of £1 per family that will be sent to Children in Need. Pyjamas should be warm and children should wear underwear and possibly a t-shirt under their pyjamas. Children may wear plimsolls or trainers but not slippers. Please do not buy new pyjamas. If your child does not have suitable pyjamas they may wear their school track suit. Children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2 should NOT wear onesies.

Friday 3rd November 2023

The children had an exciting time exploring our autumn season. They went on an Autumn walk around the school and discussed everything they could see and hear. They enjoyed the leaf hunt and found many coloured and different shaped leaves. Outside, the children made Autumn soup in the mud kitchen using conkers, leaves, pine cones and mud. They learnt how to do leaf rubbing using the colours that represent Autumn.

Our focus book and Nursery Rhyme was 'We are going on a Leaf Hunt' by Steve Metzger  and Twinkle Twinkle. During our rhyme time, the children listened to different sounds related to the song and identified what the sound was. They also learnt how to count syllables in words by clapping out the word and counting the claps, which allowed them to identify how many syllables are in the word – Star – 1 clap – 1 syllable , twinkle – 2 claps – 2 syllables. We also focused on rhyming words-star rhymes with car, up rhymes with cup, sky rhymes with pie. We had lots of fun on Friday making sparkling star biscuits; they were yummy! See our Photo Gallery.

In RE, we continue to learn to make the Sign of the Cross.

Friday 20th October 2023

This week the children really enjoyed learning about birthdays and how they are special to us. The children learnt to plan for Rosie and Jim's Birthday by writing invitations, writing a shopping list for the items and food needed for a party, making birthday cards, counting candles for different number cakes and making birthday cakes on the play dough table and in the mud kitchen. They also learnt how birthdays are celebrated in different countries and how to say Happy Birthday in their home language. Our focus book this week to support the children's learning was 'Kipper's Birthday.

In Maths, we read ‘Where’s Spot?’. We tried to familiarise ourselves with positional language using the story (in, on, under etc..)

We also had a visit from the Dental Health Nurse Adele, who showed all how to brush our teeth correctly and told us why it is important for us to brush our teeth. We are now going to be brushing our teeth in Nursery at least once a day. Please remember to bring back the consent forms after the holidays.

What a fun packed out week we have had.

Friday 13th October 2023

We have had a lovely week in Nursery. The children really enjoyed sharing information about their families - who is in their family, whether they were big or small, which country they come from and what their home language is. During the week the children got to explore globes of the world and maps. Our focus book was 'Love makes a family' by Lisa Sophie Beer.

Also in Maths  we read  ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’. The children loved joining in with the repeated refrains (BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE?). We used the book as a starting point to explore colours and 1:1 correspondence (counting by placing a finger on each object).

Thank you to those families who have sent in their family pictures. The children have really enjoyed sharing them with their friends. We have begun to make our family album book, which the children love looking at. Next week will be the last week for you to send a photo to me by message. Please do as these children keep asking me where their family is when looking at the family album.

Next week we are exploring Birthdays through planning a birthday party for our Teddy Twins Rosie and Jim. On Friday , the children will be able to bring one teddy of their choice from home to the birthday party. I will remind you nearer the time.

Friday 8th October 2023

This week the children have been learning during Circle Time in two groups. They have been really trying hard on their listening and attention skills this week through games such as the Name game and ‘What’s in the Box’.During Circle time the children each get a turn to count all the children, the boys and the girls. The children are learning to show the amount using their fingers. We also compare if we have more girls or more boys. The children love saying which one has more. At home, it would be good for them to keep practising this by having two groups of objects starting with up to 5 objects - such as 3 oranges and 2 apples. Allow your child to count how many there are in one group and show you the amount using their fingers. Then ask them whether there are more apples or more oranges. These are both targets the children need to do independently by the end of nursery. We will move on to numbers within 10 once they can show you all the fingers to five independently. Some need support at the moment, so please support them and celebrate their success.

This week's story was ‘My First Day at Nursery’ by Becky Edwards.

Some children have still not brought in their book bags. Please can we have them on Monday.

Next week we are learning all about our families and how they are all different but all special.

Please can you message me a family photo, so that your child can share this with their friends and I can make a Nursery Family Photo Album for the children to go and look at with their friends.

Friday 29th September 2023

The children have settled into the nursery well and next week the learning begins. 

The children are split up into two small groups of 8 children for Circle Time. This allows them to develop their attention and listening skills and knowledge. Each term the groups are rotated, so the children get to work with all the adults in Nursery.

During Circle time the children will learn all about the topic we are covering. For the next couple of weeks our Topic is 'This is Me!' The children will learn all about how special they are and their new friends and the differences between them and their families.

During Free Flow the children continue to develop all areas of their learning through our topic.

Snack time is where the children get to have milk or water and fruit.

Story time focuses on a book of the week. The children get to listen to the story in different ways - reading, with puppets and acting out the story. They also sing lots of nursery rhymes after the story.

Just before the end of the session, we have a Collective Act of Worship where we think about Jesus and God. The children have been learning to do the sign of the cross and recite the end of day prayer. It would be lovely if you could practice the sign of the cross with your child.

Please make sure your child has brought their book bag to school as we will soon be sending books home from the Nursery Library. Books go home on a Monday and you need to return them on a Thursday. The children get to choose a new book to take home on the Friday, so it is very important that their book is returned so they can choose a new one. We have had many sad and upset children on a Friday because they can not choose a new book like their friends. 

Friday 22nd September 2023

All the children have now joined our Nursery and they are all coming in happy. Some of the children have started walking into the garden independently. Mrs Giordmaina, Mrs Mepham and Ms Mashuta are so proud of us all!
We are focusing on learning the rules and routines of our new setting and building relationships with staff and peers.

- Please ensure your child comes to Nursery in the correct uniform this also means socks ( white school socks for girls and grey school socks for boys ) NO Trainer socks
- Hair clips, hairbands and bobbles must be blue, white or black.
- Please ensure your child wears stud earrings not hoop earrings, as they are a danger.
- Please bring a spare change of clothes and leave at Nursery (trousers / socks / pants / shoes)
- We expect children to use the toilets independently practice flushing and washing hands.
- Do not let your child bring toys/sweets or jewellery including watches to nursery.
- Label all your child’s belongings clearly especially water bottles.
- Register online for free school milk at ‘Cool Milk’.
- Email consent for Class Dojo to the office-

Thank you for all your support,
Nursery Team