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Meet the Staff

Headteacher: Miss Coll
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Etheridge

Team Leaders

Early Years: Mrs Thomas
Years 1 and 2: Miss Clements
Years 3 and 4: Mrs Williams
Years 5 and 6: Mr Cooke

Class Teachers

Nursery: Mrs Giordmaina
Reception: Mr Gauci and Mrs Thomas
Year 1: Mrs Bratchell and Ms Duda-Religa
Year 2: Miss Clements and Mrs Verity
Year 3: Miss Hashi and Mrs Williams
Year 4: Miss Yadav and Mrs Young
Year 5: Miss Doherty and Miss Wright
Year 6: Mr Cooke and Miss Spicer
Spanish: Mrs Yara
Music: Mrs Quiller-Wildman
Sports Coordinator: Mrs Bell
SENCO: Mrs Etheridge
Inclusion Manager: Mrs Leonard


Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Belsito - Teaching Assistant Miss Benjamin - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Chodzko-Zajko - HLTA Mrs Clarke - Curriculum Resources Assistant
Miss Davies - Teaching Assistant Mrs Badra - Teaching Assistant
Miss Halffman - Teaching Assistant Miss Harris - Teaching Assistant
Mr Hayward - Teaching Assistant Miss Loi - HLTA
Miss Mashuta - Teaching Assistant Mrs Mepham - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Mitchell - Teaching Assistant Mrs Punny - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rice - Teaching Assistant Mrs Ryan - Teaching Assistant
Miss Shanahan - Teaching Assistant Miss Yara - HLTA
Admin Team:
Ms Franey - Senior Administrator Mrs O'Mahony - School Business Manager 
Mrs Pink - Administrator  
Miss Adanuvor Mr Hayward
Mrs Leahy Mrs Soskou Mparmpat
Premises Staff:
Mrs Azevedo - Cleaner Mr Kazimirowicz - Site Manager
Mrs Sadruin - Cleaner Mrs Thakkor - Cleaner


* 1 day has been taken off this academic year by one member of staff as a union official.