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Coronavirus Advice

It is easy for children to get worried about issues that are in the news, especially where they can see that parents/carers and teachers are worried. Even if your school is closed, they may find this Coronavirus video series from CBBC Newsround reassuring: they explain what is happening in a child-friendly way. The videos also include an instruction video on how to wash your hands for children, which can supplement the NHS how to wash your hands page.

It is important to give children a chance to talk about their concerns and not make them bottle up fears, especially if they see changes and worry around them, so don’t pretend nothing is happening – they will have noticed.

Here are Top Ten Tips for 'Talking to Your Children About Scary World News' from the Mental Health Foundation.

It may also help if they understand the issue better from a biological point of view. Public Health England has a series of 'eBug' lesson packs and resources for primary and secondary schools which may help. And for under 7s, this Worry Booklet will help them to explore their feelings.

What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. To read this guidance in Polish please click here or to read this guidance in Arabic please click here.

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