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Year 1

Spring 1


This term we will be starting our Topic of special people. We will be learning about the people in our personal lives who are special to us, those in our community and those in our church. We will also be discussing why these people are special to us.

We will be moving on to learn all about Meals. We will discuss important meals we share with our family and friends and will learn about special times where we celebrate with our church family. We will also learn about the importance of the Eucharist.


This term we are going to be learning how to write a recount of a story. We will be learning how to sequence a story, plan a story and understand the structure of story (beginning, middle and end). We will then write a recount of the story using adjectives.

Next we will begin to learn all about letter writing. We will learn about the structure of a letter and the type of language we use when we are writing formally or informally.


This term we will spend the first week learning how to double a number. Then we will move on to learning about Halves and Quarters and finally we will learn all about repeated patterns, 2D and 3D shapes.


Our topic this term is ‘Which material should the pigs have used to build their house?’ Throughout this topic we learn how to identify and name a variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, and rock and distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. We will be also be able to compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of their simple physical properties.

Autumn 2


This term we will be learning about Judaism, we will be learning about the special days that Jewish people celebrate, discussing the different foods they eat and key symbols relating to their faith.

We will be moving on to our topic of Loving, where we will start to prepare for Christmas and understand that Advent is a special time of waiting and preparation.


English / Topic

 This year we are learning our English skills through our topic. This term our topic is ‘Would I want to be a Victorian child?’  We are very excited as we have become Time Travellers and we will be comparing our lives in the modern day to the lives of the Victorian children. Throughout this topic we will learn how to write a diary entry. We will also be focusing on remembering our full stops and capital letters.


To support our learning we will have an exciting Victorian Day on Tuesday 12th November where we get to experience life as a Victorian child for the whole day. On this day we get to come to school dressed up as a Victorian child.


We are very excited to be moving on to learn all about the days of the weeks, months of the year and sequencing events. Next we will be challenging ourselves by learning how to tell the time using o’clock and half-past.


Autumn 1

 Wow what an amazing start to the year we have all had. We have welcomed our new friend to our class and we have started to settle in to life as year 1 children. Mrs Giordmaina is impressed with the way we have adapted to life in year 1, we are all trying our hardest to sit at our tables when we are doing our work and we are all trying to put our hands up to answer a question (we like to remember our manners of course).



 Religious Education

 To start our half term, we will be learning all about our own families and God’s family (please can you send in a picture of your child with their family for our display).

 In our next topic – belonging - we will be learning all about what it means to belong to the church community. Throughout this topic we will start to look at the sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.


English / Topic

 This year we are learning our English skills through our topic. This term our topics are ‘What makes me, me?’ and ‘How do I know what season it is?’ Throughout these topics we will learn how to write a Non- fiction booklet. We will also be focusing on remembering our full stops and capital letters. Throughout the year we will be going on seasonal walks around the school exploring how the weather changes throughout the seasons and what happens to nature around us.



 This half term, we have revised lots of our learning from Reception, we are all really confident with Phase 2 phonics, but some of us need a little bit more time to become confident with Phase 3. The majority of us have started to look at the sounds in Phase 5.



 Throughout this half term we are learning all about Numerical Reasoning, this means we will be learning lots about place value through exploring, clarifying and applying everything we have learnt when we use the resources in our practical lessons to strengthen our understanding or number.