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    Thursday 12th December - Butterflies, 1G and 2V Christmas Productions - doors open at 8.50am,  show starts at 9.20am 

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Our Lady of the Visitation

Catholic Primary School

    We Learn, Love and Grow Through Christ

    Welcome to

    Our Lady of the Visitation Primary School


    Mission Statement

    Our Lady of the Visitation Catholic Primary School looks to a loving God, through the life, death and resurrection of Christ, for the basis of its existence.<...

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    What The Pupils Say

    • One of the best things about our school is that we all have one thing in common, which is that we are all Catholics and share our belief in God. It is also brilliant that our school welcomes pupils from many different cultures from all around the world.

    • We love to learn new things in our school and feel lucky to have such great experiences. Every year we get to go on some really great school trips. It is nice how we celebrate things together at our school. We have special assemblies where we share good news about children who have done something well.

    • I like this school because we have the Golden Rules and children always behave nicely to each other.

    • I am proud of our school because when I came here everyone welcomed me and encouraged me to try new things. Our teachers are fantastic and I couldn’t dream of better ones.

    • I really like school because the teachers and staff are really kind, helpful and I also really enjoy the activities as they are really fun.

    • I really like school because I learn new and different things everyday. We also get to play with our friends. The people in the school are really nice and are always there to help.

    • The thing that makes this school a great school is we do a lot of P.E and exercise. I also really enjoy Sports Day. The teachers also are kind and they always make sure that we understand the work and we can achieve our targets.

    • I love coming to school every day as I learn so much from the teachers and get the chance to play with my friends. I really like Geography as I like learning about the world around me.

    • I really enjoy coming to school as we learn lots of wonderful, new facts about the world that God has created for us. We also learn about how important it is to protect and look after the world we live in by following Jesus’ ways.

    • I really like this school as I feel that we are one community and one big, happy family. Everyone treats each other kindly and it makes me proud I go to such a wonderful school.