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    Year 1 Children in Need assembly - Thursday 14th November 2.30pm
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               Class 3A Homework since 16.06.2017 can be downloaded below.  


              You can test your times tables each week on this site:   

              You could also take a screen shot each week of your score, to track your improvment!  


              You will find fun times table interactives at


              This BBC interactive allows you to select your target times tables for practise:  


    1. 09.06.2017 English play script chili challenge
    2. 09.06.2017 Home learning cover
    3. Maths 09.06.2017
    4. 09.06.2017 3A daily spellings
    5. 23.06.2017 3A daily spellings
    6. 23.06.2017 Home learning cover
    7. 23.06.2017 Maths
    8. 16.06.2017 Home learning cover
    9. 16.06.2017 3A daily spellings

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