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    Tuesday 18th June - 2.45pm Reception Welcome Meeting
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Our Lady of the Visitation

Catholic Primary School


    Thursday 6th June 2019
    We started learning about People who help us. We learnt about vets and how they look after animals.

    We have started to prepare for year 1 by writing in our new English books. Our teachers were so impressed with our sentence writing! We also 3D shapes and went on a shape hunt.


    Tricky word  - what

    ay  - may I play



    Thursday 23rd May 2019

    This week, we have been continuing to learn about superheroes. We have listened to some superhero stories, we thought of our own super powers and wrote about them. We had a photo wearing our superhero cloaks. We looked like we were flying!

    During our Maths sessions, we focused on subtraction. We used cubes to work out sums like these 6-2=.


    Practise reading and writing – do  so  said 


    Thursday 16th May 2019

    This week, we have been learning about superheroes. We listened to the story of Supertato, we made our own Supertato and wrote a speech bubble about what we thought he would have said. We did lots of independent writing about superheroes.

    During our Maths sessions, we focused on halving. We used to cubes to find half of numbers up to 10 and then up to 20.


    Practise reading and writing – were  when  out  there 
    We still find these sounds difficult: ear  air  ure

    Next week:
    We will be continuing to learn about Superheroes and will be wearing our superhero capes.


    Thursday 9th May 2019

    This week, we have been learning about the life cycle of a human. We all loved talking about what we were like when we were babies and toddlers.

    Baby Frankie came to visit. His mummy told us all about the things he had learnt to do.
    During our Maths sessions, we focused on recognising and writing the numbers to 20.!

    Practise reading and writing – there were little one  
    We still find these sounds difficult: ear  air  ure 


    Thursday 2nd May 2019
    This week, we have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and wrote lists about what the caterpillar ate, collaged butterfly templates and acted out the different parts of the life cycle.

    During our Maths sessions, we focused on ‘doubling’ (making twice as much / double 4 is 8).

    Practise reading and writing – have  like  some  come  there were

    Thursday 25th April 2019


    This week, we started our life cycles topic by learning all about the life cycle of a frog.
    In Maths, we focused measuring and used words like tallest and shortest..

    We have now started Phase 4. In Phase 4, no new graphemes are introduced. The main aim of this phase is to consolidate the children's knowledge and to help them learn to read and spell words which have adjacent consonants, such as trap, string and milk.

    Please work on reading and spelling these tricky words: 
    they all are have like

    Thursday 4th April 2018

    This week we have learnt about Easter and how Jesus died on the cross and on Easter Sunday, he rose from the dead. We made Easter cards and did different Easter activities.

    We practised our phonics and tricky words. We are getting very good at writing independent sentences, using the sounds we can hear in words. Our teachers are very proud of us.

    Thank you to all the parents for supporting your children this term and for helping them in so many ways.


    Have a happy Easter.

    Thursday 21st March 2019

    It has been an extremely exciting week as we did lots of fun and creative activities linking to our topic ‘On the Farm’.  We made non-fiction books about the animals that live on a farm. We made cows out of paper plates and our home corners turned into a farm.

    In Maths, we have been collecting data using tally charts. After collecting the data, we answered questions about it.

    Revision - th, ng, ai, ee, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow

    Please work on reading and spelling these tricky words:
    all are

    Next week
    Topic: Farm



    Thursday 14th March 2019

    A huge, egg appeared in our classroom this week! We tried to think about what type of egg it could be and we were encouraged us to build a nest and write notices to keep it safe.  On Thursday, we discovered that it was a dinosaur egg so; we decided to find out more about dinosaurs. We had a visit from a very big dinosaur. We wrote about what the dinosaur would say.


    In Maths, we started to think about ‘1 less than’. We used little dinosaurs to find 1 less than numbers up to 10. Some of us could work out 1 less than up to 20.


    Tricky word


    Revision of

    Sh ch th ng

    ai oa oo ee 

    Thursday 7th March 2019

    This week we have been learning all about animals that live in the jungle!

    In Maths, we have started to think about money and we spent some time looking at the different coins. We then used coins to pay for items from a shop.

    We also celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book character.

    Bumblebee class did their class assembly on World Book Day. Mrs Walsh and Miss Halffman were very proud of  how we learnt our lines and the songs.

    Revising tricky words

    I  to  go  no  into  and  the  he  she  we  be  me  was  my  they  

    Thursday 28th February 2019
    This half term we are learning all about ‘Animals’. This week, our focus has been ‘Under the Sea’ and we read ‘The Rainbow Fish’. We wrote about the Rainbow fish and did some beautiful art work.

    In Maths we used numicon to find number bonds to 10.

    Phonics: We learnt

    air  - it’s not fair

    ure – sure it’s pure

    Tricky words my was they


    Thursday 14th February 2019

    This week we have been continued learning about Space. We read Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. We drew space pictures and wrote about what we could see in space. We learnt more about what it is like to be an astronaut and tried some space ice-cream.

    In maths we practised counting up to 20 cubes.


    er – a better letter

    oi – spoil the boy

    igh – up high

    ear – I can hear


    Thursday 8th February 2019

    This week we have been learning about Space. We read ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy and then we used props to act out the story. We created aliens and then wrote simple sentences about them (He is ugly. He has blue spots. Etc…)

    In Maths, we learned about subtraction and played subtraction smash. Some of us wrote the number sentence.

    Bumblebee class went to the Litten Forest school.


    We learnt


    oi – (spoil the boy)
    er– (better letter)
    igh – (fly high)
    ear – (what can you hear?)

    Tricky word - my


    Thursday 31st January 2019

    This week we have been learning the Chinese New year. We wrote about a dragon, made lanterns and dragons and practiced Chinese writing. We did a dragon dance.

    In Maths, we practiced ordering numbers to 20 and writing the numbers with the correct formation.

    Father Joe came to visit to tell us about how God loves all of us. He sang us a song.


    We revised

    ar – (start the car)

    or – (shut the door)
    ur – (a nurse with a purse)
    ow – (brown cow)


    Thursday 17th January 2019

    This week we ‘travelled’ to Spain. We had a go at flamenco dancing, made flags and fans and had a special Spanish fruit drink. We used our phonic knowledge to write postcards.

    In Maths, we explored 3D shape (cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, pyramid and sphere). We also went over counting to 20 as some of us still find this tricky.


    This week we revised -

    ai – (snail in the rain)
    ee – (what can you see?)
    oa – (a goat in a boat)
    oo – (poo at the zoo)

    Next week we will be learning all about India and telling the time.


    Thursday 10th January 2019

    We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish you a very happy New Year! Thank you so much for our generous Christmas gifts. Our new topic is ‘Around the World’ and this week we have been learning about Africa. We read Handa’s surprise and tried all of the fruits. Bumblebee class went to the Litten and made sparks using a steel and flint.

    In Maths, we started to learn about ADDING and we were very good!


    More revision -

    ch – (choo)
    sh – (shhhh)
    th – (thhhank you said the horse to the hissing snake)
    ng – (a thing on a string)

    Next week we will be learning about Spain.




    Thursday 13th December 2018

    This week we continued our preparation for Christmas. We are all so excited!

     We wrote our Christmas cards and made Christmas trees and Christmas angels. Butterfly class did their Christmas play and went to the Litten  Forest school. A very busy day! On Wednesday, we had a Christmas dinner, wore our Christmas jumpers and watched a pantomime.

    In maths we sorted Christmas shapes.

    Phonics: Revision

    Phase 2 revision

    Tricky words I the go no to into

     Simple sentences I go to the mat.




    Thursday 6th December 2018

    This week we have started our preparation for Christmas. We are all so excited!

     We wrote letters to Santa, telling him what we would like for Christmas.

    We practised recognising 2 D shapes and used the shapes to make amazing Christmas pictures.

    We also practised our Christmas play. Our teachers were very proud of us because we sang beautifully and remembered all of our lines.


    Revising phase 2 phonics and tricky words and writing CVC words

    Thursday 29th November 2018

    This week we have been reading the tale of The Elves and the Shoemaker. We made an elf picture and labelled it. Some of us wrote a sentence. We also made elf hats. Bumblebee class went to the Litten Forest school, where they were shoe makers and did some sewing on leather.

    In Maths, we continued with number recognition, numeral writing and counting to 20, filling in the missing numbers


    y – y,y,y, yak
    z – zzzzip
    v – vvvvulture

    w-w,w,w, worm



    Thursday 15th November 2018

    This week we listened to the familiar story of Little Red Riding Hood. We  acted out the different parts of the story  and used our phonics to write what was in Red Riding Hood’s basket. We did art work linked to the story.

    In Maths, we focused on counting and recording amounts.

    Butterfly class had a fantastic afternoon at the Litten Forest school. Remember that both class need lots of help. Please sign up on the sheet outside the classrooms.



    h – (h,h,h horse)
    b – (b,b,b boot)
    f – (fffflower)
    l – (lllleg)


    Tricky Words (your child needs to be able to read and write these):   
    to       I      go     no


    Thursday 8th November 2018

    This week we have been learning about The Three Little Pigs. We made little houses of straw, sticks and bricks and wrote the initial sounds. We made paper plate pigs and pig cupcakes.

    In Maths, we started to think about 1 more.


    e – e,e,e,egg
    u – u,u,u,umbrella
    r - rrrrrrobot
    ck - duck

    Tricky Words (your child needs to be able to read and write these):   
    to             I     

    Thursday 1st November 2018

    This week, we have been learning about AUTUMN!  We talked about the things we found and made over the half term. We painted autumn trees and autumn pictures.

    In Maths, we practiced writing our numbers and counting to 20.


    u – (u, u , u , umbrellla)
    ck –
    r – (r,r, r robot)
    e – (e,e, e egg)

    Tricky Words:   to I

    Wednesday 17th October 2017

    This week, we have been learning about our senses. We thought about what we could do with our senses. We talked about different textures, smelt different smells and talked about our favourite taste.

    In Maths, we played ‘Numeral Bingo’. It was so much fun!  


    g – (g, g, g, girl)
    o – (o, o, o, orange)
    c – (c, c, c, caterpillar)
    k – (k, k, k, kangaroo)

    Important Dates:

    Friday 19th October - last day of the half term, School closes at 3:30 (normal time)
    Monday 29th October – Term starts for the children



    Thursday 11th October 2018

    This week, we read ‘Funnybones’, as we have been thinking about our bodies and the many different parts. We loved dancing and singing along to this song:

    In Maths, we have been learning about PATTERNS. We know that a pattern is something that repeats and they can be found everywhere. We created patterns using threading beads, paint and shapes.


    i – (i, i, i, insect)
    n – (nnnnnet)
    m – (mmmmountain)
    d – (d, d, d, dinosaur)

    Important Dates:

    Thursday 18th October – Harvest Liturgy at 9:30am
    Thursday 18th October – Parent Consultations

    Thursday 4th October

    This week we have learning All about Me. We have talked about how we are the same and how we are different. We have practised writing our names and forming the letters correctly.

    In Maths we practised counting to 20 and counting objects, making sure that we were pointing to each one as we counted.

    We also had fun learning about mixing colours. We did some magic handprints, with one colour on one hand and a different colour on the other and then we rubbed our hands together to make a new colour! We painted on a piece of paper and our names appeared like magic. Phonics

    We have started Phase 2 phonics. These are the sounds we have been learning:
    s - ssssnake
    a – a, a, a, a apple
    t – t, t, t, t tower
    p – p, p, p, p pirate


    Thursday 27th September.

    Well done to all the Bumblebees and Butterflies. You have settled into your new classes and have made a fantastic start to the school year. You have quickly learnt the routines and your behaviour has been fantastic. You have been practising writing your names and using the correct formation of the letters. We are looking forward to spending a whole day with all of you tomorrow and from Monday.

    Important dates

    First full day - Friday 28th September - pick up at 3.30

    Thursday 20th September

    Welcome to Reception. Mrs Walsh, Mr Gauci, Miss Hauffman and Mrs Rice have enjoyed  meeting the children. We have had lots of fun and learnt a lot of new things. For the first three weeks the children will do half days including lunch and will be picked up at 1.15. Friday 28th September will be a full day.

    Each day the children will need to bring in a water bottle with their name on it and their book bag.

    It is natural that there will be a few tears (probably from the parents!) when your child leaves you. It is easier for the children if you give them a quick kiss and leave them to play with their friends. We would, of course, phone you if your child was too distressed.

    Over the first couple of weeks we will be concentrating on name writing, counting to 10 and settling into the routines of a new classroom.

    We are looking forward to seeing you all and working with you throughout the year.