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    Year 1 Children in Need assembly - Thursday 14th November 2.30pm
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Our Lady of the Visitation

Catholic Primary School


    Wednesday 16th October

    This week, we have been learning about our senses. We thought about what we could do with our senses. We talked about different textures, smelt different smells and talked about our favourite taste.

    In Maths, we played ‘Numeral Bingo’. It was so much fun!  


    g – (g, g, g, girl)
    o – (o, o, o, orange)
    c – (c, c, c, caterpillar)
    k – (k, k, k, kangaroo)

    Important Dates:

    Friday 18th October - last day of the half term, School closes at 3:30 (normal time)

    Monday 28th October – Term starts for the children

    Thursday 7th November - Butterflies first visit to the Litten Nature Reserve (please Speak to Mr Gauci if you would like to help on the visit)


    Friday 11th October 2018

    This week, we read ‘Funnybones’, as we have been thinking about our bodies and the many different parts. We loved dancing and singing along to this song:

    In Maths, we have been learning about PATTERNS. We know that a pattern is something that repeats and they can be found everywhere. We created patterns using threading beads, paint and shapes.


    i – (i, i, i, insect)
    n – (nnnnnet)
    m – (mmmmountain)
    d – (d, d, d, dinosaur)

    Important Dates:

    Monday 14th October – Harvest Liturgy at 9:30am

    Thursday 17th October – Parent Consultations


    Friday 4th October

    This week we have learning All about Me. We have talked about how we are the same and how we are different. We have practised writing our names and forming the letters correctly.

    In Maths we practised counting to 20 and counting objects, making sure that we were pointing to each one as we counted.

    We also had fun learning about mixing colours. We did some magic handprints, with one colour on one hand and a different colour on the other and then we rubbed our hands together to make a new colour! We painted on a piece of paper and our names appeared like magic.


    We have started Phase 2 phonics. These are the sounds we have been learning:
    s - ssssnake
    a – a, a, a, a apple
    t – t, t, t, t tower
    p – p, p, p, p pirate

    Friday 27th September.

    Well done to all the Bumblebees and Butterflies. You have settled into your new classes and have made a fantastic start to the school year. You have quickly learnt the routines and your behaviour has been fantastic. You have been practising writing your names and using the correct formation of the letters. We are looking forward to spending a whole day next week.


    Welcome to Reception. Mr Gauci, Ms Franey, Mrs Rice and Miss Halffman have enjoyed  meeting the children. We have had lots of fun and learnt a lot of new things. For the first three weeks the children will do half days including lunch and will be picked up at 1.15. Monday 30th September will be a full day.

    Each day the children will need to bring in a water bottle with their name on it and their book bag.

    It is natural that there will be a few tears (probably from the parents!) when your child leaves you. It is easier for the children if you give them a quick kiss and leave them to play with their friends. We would, of course, phone you if your child was too distressed.

    Over the first couple of weeks we will be concentrating on name writing, counting to 10 and settling into the routines of a new classroom.

    We are looking forward to seeing you all and working with you throughout the year.