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Our Lady of the Visitation

Catholic Primary School

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    The Governors of Our Lady of the Visitation School

    The Governing Body is made up of volunteers. We are parents, staff and other people from the local community who work together to make the school a success.

    It is the full Governing Body which has legal duties and powers, and all governors share in that corporate responsibility. Governors do not represent the individual interests of parents, staff or any particular group within the school or the wider community.

    The Governors of the school are:                                         

    Jacqueline Barima Parent Governor   08/02/18 – 31/08/21
    Michael Belsito Parent Governor   10/02/15 – 31/08/19 
    Theresa Byrne LA Representative   13/03/19 – 12/03/23 
    Piotr Chodzko Zajko Foundation Governor   01/02/16 – 31/08/19
    Kathleen Coll Headteacher   N/A
    Leslie Cook Foundation Governor Chair of Finance, Staffing & Premises Committee 24/11/16 – 31/08/20
    Christina Falzon Foundation Governor   01/01/19 -- 31/08/22
    Mary Gill Foundation Governor   01/12/15 – 31/08/19
    Maureen Gordon Foundation Governor Chair of Full Governing Body 06/02/17 – 31/08/20
    Helen Lonergan Staff Governor   01/09/15 – 31/08/19
    Fr Liam O’Donovan Foundation Governor   01/02/18 – 31/08/21
    Nicola Smart Foundation Governor Chair of Curriculum & Pupils Committee 01/03/18 – 31/08/21
    Josephine Spencer Foundation Governor   01/03/19 -- 31/08/22

    Clerk to Governors  

    Gill Kennedy


    Fr Eugene Lynch                   Left the Governing Body September 2017
    Julian Pereira                         Left the Governing Body July 2017


    What do the Governors do?

    Governors are responsible for strategic decisions and planning for the future. They are ‘critical friends’ who support and challenge the school.

    They are not responsible for the day-to-day running of the school.

    Governors need to be prepared to give considerable time towards their work for the school. They must not only attend meetings and read all the relevant paperwork beforehand but also be prepared to go for training related to their role, as well as visit the school frequently.

    It is the Governors’ responsibility to:-

    • support the school at all times
    • focus on raising standards, so that every child achieves their potential
    • demonstrate their commitment by getting to know the school and become involved in school life and activities
    • take personal responsibility for their own training and development in matters relevant to their work as governors
    • prepare for meetings so they are well informed
    • attend meetings (Governing Body/Committees/Working Groups) and play an active part in these meetings
    • recognise that individual governors may not act independently of the rest of the governing body. Decisions are the joint responsibility of the governing body.   
    • respect confidentiality and the need to be prudent about any information they have received as a governor

    If you wish to raise a matter with the Governors you should contact the Chair or the Clerk, via the school. You should not approach individual governors, particularly those who are parents, as you are putting them in a very difficult position.

    Committees of the Governing Body of Our Lady of the Visitation

    1. Finance, Staffing and Premises - this committee’s remit includes finance, resources, premises, health and safety, and staffing.
    2. Curriculum and Pupils - this committee’s remit includes standards of teaching and learning, achievement, and pupil well-being.

    There are other committees which are required by law, i.e. they are statutory. These are:

    1. Admissions
    2. Pupil Discipline (Exclusions)
    3. Staff Dismissal
    4. Staff Appeal

    Governors have formed a pool of possible members for these committees.

    Governors' Welcome

    Governors' Roles


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    1. Register-of-Interests-Form 2018-2019
    2. Governors Attendance Record 2018-2019
    3. Governors Attendance Record 2017-2018