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Our Lady of the Visitation

Catholic Primary School

    Attendance Awards

    100% Club

    Well done to all children who joining the 100% club for coming to school every day in the Acadmeic Year 2017-2018. This is a great achievement.

    • Amelia Ziemba  1V
    • Micah Benjamin-Whyte  2C
    • Connie Bugbee  2C
    • Heniston Jeenedison 2C
    • Max Pater 2S
    • Julia Baczynska 3A
    • Sesina Ylma 3A
    • Massimo Belsito 4P
    • Chloe Fitzgerald 4P
    • Martyna Turlik 4P
    • Lorreginus Uthayakumar 4P
    • Chloe-Maria Barsoum 4W
    • Marcel Kryzon 4W
    • Chris Said Mparmpat 4W
    • Tariq Adedeji 5A
    • Jayden Sanchez 5A
    • Samuel Welbeck 5A
    • Carmel Adenay 5Y
    • Samuel Gaskin 5Y
    • Joshua Hodnett-Merrett 5Y
    • Charbel Maroun 5Y
    • Velika Noronha 5Y
    • Lena Vogel 5Y
    • Neo Cumberbatch 6C
    • Keziah James 6C
    • Jakub Stawicki 6C
    • Emmanuel Imarhiagbe 6W
    • Sebastian Surmacz 6W
    • Nancy Yousif 6W