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    Monday 19th March - Year 3 trip to London Wetlands Centre




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    Autumn 1

    Up, Up and Away!

    Our topic this term has been 'The Earth and Beyond' and we have been learning all about the Sun, Earth and Moon. Investigations and discussions including why we have day and night, the four seasons and the Moon's phases have all been taking place. The children have been fascinated by some of the facts they have already learnt and are constantly showing me further research they have undertaken at home! 

    We will be continuing to develop their understanding of our solar system and the planets that are a part of it culminating in an exciting school trip to the Science Museum on November 10th!

    Learning the Djembe!

    5A have been learning to play the djembe, a west African drum since the beginning of term. They have been learning a variety of strokes used to create different sounds and how they can be used in a wide range of combinations. The weekly classes are currently preparing us for our first performance at the end of this term. From the level of their effort and focus so far, I have a feeling it is going to be fantastic! 

    Welcome to 5A !

    Well, it's the beginning of a new academic year and what a year we have ahead. 

    I'm very much looking forward to getting know my first 5A class and hope they are as excited for the upcoming term as I am.

    We have lots of exciting topics coming up between now and the October half term including looking at stories from other culture in English; the solar system in science; place value and fractions in maths and, of course, beginning our African drumming lessons!

    I'm looking forward to a positive start to the year from each and every one of the pupils in 5A.