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    Monday 23rd September - Friday 27th September Year6 Osmington Bay PGL trip
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    School Life


    Summer 1

    Its hard to believe that we are already in the final term - the rain and cold temperatures at the end of April are making it all the more incredible.   3A have made so much progress we have been having lots of fun both in class and with our field-based and practical learning from end of Spring and into Summer term.

    Summer's study of Italy includes modern Italy and ancient Rome.   The topic board filled up with some specatacular displays on different aspects of Italian life:  

    Zuzanna's popup book was awesome....



    We had a lot of fun with adventure stories in Spring, using the highly popular 'Spy Dog' as the class reader.  In summer, we will be reading 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' which has a link with our Science topic if shadow and light.  First up in our programme of writing is 'Reports' and the children have been busy with reports both on Petcare and on Italy.  


    There is a lot of work on area, perimeter and shape in the second half of the year and we shall be revising ideas about Multiplication, Division, Adding and Subtracting whilst reinforcing Money, Measure and Problem Solving skills.  

    This happy team are exploring ideas about Horizontal and Vertical lines thorugh creating models of 3-D shape.  


    As we approach the very special First Holy Communion season, our RE Lessons take on an extra significance.   They children are exploring ideas about the Energy the created the Church of Christ in the days after the Death and Resurrection.  We are learning about the Gifts of the Spirit and how these great gifts can help us to do extraordinary things.  Here, the children have created a beautiful display of birthday messages for the Church, with cards carrying symbols of the Holy Spirit. 

    Spring 1

    January seems very far away from the excitement of Advent and the preparations for Christmas. 

    Gone, but not forgetten, so here is a picture of 3A's Christmas tree, in the hope that the warm memories can carry us towards Spring!  

    Religious Education 


    We have been learning about the Liturgical Year, in which we find out about the Seasons in the Church year.  The colour of the priest's vestments let us know whether we are Preparing, Celebrating or learning through Ordinary Time.  We learnt that the word 'Ordinary' means the sequence, or Order of Sundays when we learn Jusus' teaching through Scriptures.  


    We took a trip to the Greenford Libary early in the term so that the child could all experience the rich resource and peacefulness that the local library offers.  Here, the children are engrossed in their reading - apart from the one engrossed in having his photograph taken!  The children have taken home applications for membership, which we would encourage all children to use, as this there is nothing quite like the peacefulness and opportunity to get lost in a book, that the local library offers.


    We have learnt calculations in January - particularly multiplication and division.  We have just reissued the children with their Times Tables Rockstar passwords, so this should help support the learning of multipication and inverse calculations, division, which has been taught in lessons since beginning of term.  We shall move onto fractions later in the half-term, so there are some key skills that the children will explore in these few weeks.  


    The classroom resembled an ancient historic war scene shortly into January, as the children of 3A brough their Iron Age weapons to school.  The home learning project had offered the children the opportunity to create an Iron Age meal, Iron Age cloths or an Iron Age fact sheet.  Clearly the opportunity to create weaponry was too much to resist for almost all.    It's clearly not a good idea to get on the wrong side of this group...














    3A took part in a project to assess learning through music, which the children enjoyed through Autumn and into Spring term .   Below, crowds gather to watch the rehearsals for the final assessment.  



     Autumn 2

    In Religion 3A  have learned about Promises and the meaning of making a promise, linking with the promises made in the Sacrament of Baptism.     Our education will then move onto Visitors, when the children think about Advent and the story of the Nativity.  As this takes place, we shall be preparing, through hymn practise and rehearsals to get ready for the School Christmas production. 

    In English, 3A have a daily reading lesson, called 'Circuit'.  This is in addition to English and it underlines the importance of daily reading, which we also ask the children to share each day with their adult at home.    Our writing skills have developed through Information texts, where the children have been extending their Science knowledge by writing reports about Skeletons.  

    In Maths, the focus has been on developing knowledge of addition and subtraction, by learning methods of written and mental caculations.

    In Topic. we have been enjoying learning all about life during the Stone Age. We are learning all about their houses, their clothes, what they ate and their hobbies.  the term began with a trip to the Natural History Museum.  This allowed the children to take part in a fascinating end to our Autumn 1 topic by taking part in a presentation about Earthquakes.   The Museum was also the perfect place for the children to think about the new science learning about Animals including Humans.  


    Autumn 1

    Religious Education

    Our theme in RE is 'Homes' and we have learned about how  and why a home feels different to a house.  We have also considered how we can contribute to the happiness of our own homes.    We also looked at the home of the Holy Family in the picture 'Christ in His Parent's House' by Millais, and we explored the caring behaviour shown to each other in the picture.  In our classroom display, we each contributed a brick to build our own understanding of a happy home.  



    The first half of Autum has een spent learning about Number, Place Value we will next look at Fractions.  Many skills in these different areas of maths is based on knowledge nad speed in the times tables.  The children understand that their maths skils will develop more quickly when their times tables are speedy and secure, so we have practised times tables in class and each week in homework. 


    Our term started by learning about Instructions.   We learned about the features, language and 'tone' that is needed when writing instrucitons and the children created instructions for different tasks - including how to make a Volcano.  

    We have now moved onto Adventure stories.  


    Our 'What makes the Earth angry?' looks at the distant past, and what we can learn about Mountains and Volcanoes from the evidence that is still available.   Our English instructions include writing steps on how to make a volcano, which we shall then create in Design and Technology (D&T) lessons. 


    In Science, we are studying rocks, as part of our 'What makes the Earth angry?' topic.  This startling topic title will hopefully help the children to understand that the earth is not static and rocks are not always solid.  We had fun investigating different rock types from the playground quiet area. We finished the science part of our topic studies by exploring how fossils are created. Who would have thoughts rocks could be so interesting! 



    Mr Aherne looks forward to working with the new Juniors.  

    We hope you will all settle well into Year 3 and that you will enjoy making progress in your learning.